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Revolutionizing Blockchain Transactions by designing the world’s first crypto debit card app

Backed by Ycombinator, CypherD is a multi-chain wallet app that can be connected to multiple blockchains, providing a single wallet address for each chain, allowing users to send and receive transactions easily and safely on the same application.

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FinTech, SaaS
Redesigning a FinTech SaaS for customized and seamless loan experiences

Fiwerx offers a solution capable of intelligently identifying and managing the specific regulatory requirements and loan policies necessary for commercial deals. This tool allows the lender, lending teams, and the institution to get deals done faster and eliminate post-closing exceptions.

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Designing a go-to rental management application for property owners

Rentdrop is a rental management application to help landlords monitor their properties, manage multiple tenant’s payments and renew their lease agreements without any hassle.

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